Undergrad Will Kirkpatrick presenting his first poster based on a bird study he completed in the Sheldon Lab

April 2018
Will Kirkpatrick, an undergrad in the Sheldon Lab, presented his first poster at two different events: the UTK EUReCA event and the EEB Undergraduate Research Symposium. Great work, Will!

We received funding from the Community Engagement Incentives Grant and the Cherokee Preservation Foundation to run the summer EBCI high school program! Many thanks to these agencies for supporting our outreach efforts.

Amanda was awarded an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biology to integrate plasticity and maternal effects in dung beetles to understand impacts of increased temperature variation! Congratulations!

Congratulations to Maggie for receiving an Honorable Mention for her NSF GRFP proposal!

March 2018
Congrats to Will for receiving his first research grant! He was awarded funding from the UTK Office of Undergraduate Research to carry out a field project this summer. Way to go, Will!

December 2017
The Sheldon Lab has a new postdoc; welcome to Dr. Amanda Wilson Carter!

May 2017
Claire received a 2-year fellowship from the PEER Program, an NIH funded initiative at UTK. Congratulations, Claire!

Graduate Student Senate awards banquet. L to R: Chloe Lash, Maggie Mamantov, Chancellor Davenport, Kimberly Sheldon, Alannie-Grace Grant.

April 2017
Maggie received a Graduate Student Senate Award for excellence in research! The award was given to graduate students who have received national or international recognition in their field and show professional promise in their area of research. Congratulations, Maggie!

March 2017
We have a new grad student joining the lab this fall! Welcome to Claire Winfrey!

Maggie received a research grant from the Appalachian Highlands Science Learning Center (AHSLC) to monitor invasive dung beetles in the Smokies! This is a wonderful opportunity for the lab to partner with the AHSLC to conduct research and disseminate information to the public through educational displays. Way to go, Maggie!

February 2017
Maggie and Kimberly received a Student/Faculty Research Award from the UTK Graduate School to support research on biological invasions!

Kimberly was featured in Entomology Today for her work on climate and thermal limits in beetles.

January 2017
Maggie received a Sigma Xi grant to help fund her work on biological invasions! Congratulations, Maggie!

October 2016
Kimberly received a Haines-Morris grant along with Jen Schweitzer (EEB) and Sally Horn (Geography) to host a special seminar series at UT called ‘Women, Ecology, and Conservation in a Changing World’. Speakers will be visiting campus during Spring 2017. Stay tuned for more details!

September 2016
We’re excited that Atira Sherrod has joined the lab as an undergraduate researcher!

August 2016
We’re excited that Maggie Mamantov has joined the lab as a PhD student!

July 2015
Kimberly has accepted a faculty position in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville! Interested in joining the lab? Please contact me.

December 2013
Kimberly is heading to Wyoming in January to begin a postdoctoral fellowship with mentors Michael Dillon (University of Wyoming) and Van Savage (UCLA)!

December 2013
Our paper on using ongoing global changes to gain insight into ecological and evolutionary processes (Hille Ris Lambers et al. 2013) was chosen for the Editor’s Choice section in Oikos.

September 2013
Kimberly’s work with dung beetles is helping politicians ‘reach across the aisle’ as highlighted in The Salt Lake Tribune!

Phanaeus vindexJanuary 2012
Our article examining how competition and climate change generate no-analog communities and extinction (Urban et al. 2012) was featured on a number of websites, including LiveScience, Bloomberg News, and BusinessWeek.

November 2011
Our work on the impacts of climate change on tropical and temperate communities (Sheldon et al. 2011) was selected for the Editors’ Choice section of Science Magazine (25 November 2011:1033).

May 2008
A photo Kimberly took of a Chrysomelid from Ecuador was featured on a number of websites highlighting our PNAS article (Deutsch et al. 2008). As examples, the photo was featured on Scientific American, ABC News Australia, and the University of Washington News.

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